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#fuel cell
Fuel cell is a device which converts chemical energy of hydrogen into electricity
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Hydrogen is a colourless, odourless, tasteless flammable gas that can be used as a source for clean power generation
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#fuel cell stack
Fuel cell stack is a combination of individual fuel cells which are stacked in series inside a fuel cell system.
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#hydrogen storage
Hydrogen storage refers to storing hydrogen in liquid or gaseous form using various methods for transportation or other applications
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#hydrogen refueling
Hydrogen refueling is the process of filling or refueling hydrogen in a vehicle at a hydrogen refueling station
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#bipolar plate
Bipolar plate is a vital element used in the fuel cell stack responsible for various purposes such as electrical connection…
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#fuel cell systems
Fuel cell systems consists of a fuel cell stack, a fuel processor, cooling and control systems to generate electrical energy
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#hydrogen compression
Hydrogen compression is the increase of hydrogen pressure to produce compressed hydrogen or liquid hydrogen by reducing volume
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#hydrogen safety
Hydrogen safety refers to the precautions and practices involved in the production, handling and use of hydrogen in a safe…
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Proton-exchange membrane fuel cells (PEMFC) are fuel cells especially used for portable, stationary, and automotive applications to generate electricity
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#pem electrolyser
PEM electrolyser employs a Proton Exchange Membrane that uses a solid polymer electrolyte for producing hydrogen through electrolysis process
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#hydrogen powered vehicle
Hydrogen powered vehicle uses hydrogen fuel for propulsion
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#hydrogen tank
Hydrogen tank is a container used to store hydrogen gas at different pressure and temperature
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#hydrogen production
Hydrogen production refers to the various industrial methods employed for producing hydrogen gas
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Electrolyser is a device in which the water molecules are seperated through a chemical process called electrolysis to produce hydrogen
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#stack design
Stack design refers to process of designing the fuel cell stack in series or parallel to achieve optimum stack efficiency,…
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#hydrogen powered aircraft
Hydrogen powered aircraft is an aircraft having primary power source as hydrogen fuel
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#hydrogen flow meter
Hydrogen flow meter is a device used to measure the flow rate of fluids through a pipeline or a channel
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#water management fuel cell
It is the management of water content within the fuel cell for efficient fuel cell performance
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Electrolysis is the process of producing hydrogen by splitting water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen using electricity
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#green hydrogen
Green hydrogen is the hydrogen produced by electrolysis using renewable sources such as solar, wind etc
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Under this innovation category, members can suggest and implement ideas for improving the Hyfindr Tech community experience
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Hydrogen refuelling station (hrs) is a place for filling or refilling hydrogen in a vehicle
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#hydrogen transport
Hydrogen transport refers to the transmission of hydrogen from its point of production to the point of use through pipeline…
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Detection in simple words can be defined as noticing or discovering something such as leaks, flow, pressure, temperature etc.
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Community is a group of people having some shared interest
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#hydrogen price
Hydrogen price refers to the cost at which hydrogen is available in the market for sale and price depends on…
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It is the leakage of hydrogen through small pores or welds in various applications
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#hydrogen infrastructure
Hydrogen infrastructure refers to all the necessary facilities from hydrogen production, transport, distribution to the sale of hydrogen fuel
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Power-to-X (ptx) refers to all the technologies that convert renewable electricity into carbon-neutral synthetic fuels (liquid or gas)
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Calibration is a process used to document and compare the device or system to a traceable standardized reference
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#hydrogen tube trailer
Hydrogen tube trailer is a type of trailer used to transport hydrogen gas from one location to another
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Certifications are official credentials or qualifications granted to individuals or organizations to verify that they have met specific standards or…
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Humidifier is a device used to add water vapor to the hydrogen gas stream to protect the fuel cell membranes…
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High-Temperature Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell (HTPEMFC) is a fuel cell that operates at typically between 120°C and 200°C
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Regulations refer to rules or guidelines implemented by a governing body to govern activities, industries, or sectors
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Desalination refers to the process of removing salt and other minerals from seawater or brackish water before it is used…
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#fuel cell propulsion
Fuel cell propulsion means to propel/ move the system or vehicle with the help of fuel cell by converting hydrogen…
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Biogas is an environment friendly fuel produced in an oxygen-free environment by anaerobic digestion of organic matter
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Methanisation is the natural process of producing biogas in a low oxygen environment from organic waste
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#modular gas vessel
Modular gas vessel is made up of multiple modules or cylinders connected together to form a larger vessel
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#pem contaminants
PEM contaminants refers to the fuel impurities, air pollutants and cationic ions found in fuel cell which affects fuel cell…
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Platinum is an expensive material used as a catalyst in fuel cells due to its catalyst efficiency and resistance against…
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#b2b marketplace
B2B marketplace is a digitilized e-commerce platform that enables companies to interact and do business, all in one place
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#public funding
Public funding is the money provided by federal, state, or another publicly funded agency for the realization of a mission…
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#market analysis
Market analysis is the studying and evaluation of market conditions to identify the viability of a product or service in…
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#residential power
Residential power refers to the electrical power that is consumed by households for various daily purposes
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Sealing refers to the process of stopping substances from leaking through material surfaces, apertures etc.
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Sensors are devices that detect and measure physical, chemical phenomena and convert them into electrical signals
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Standards are established guidelines or criteria that define acceptable levels of quality, safety, performance, or other attributes for products, services,…
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Suppliers are individuals, organizations, or businesses that provide goods or services to other individuals, organizations, or businesses
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#tank inner liners
Hydrogen tank inner liners are a component of high-pressure hydrogen storage tanks to prevent leaking or permeating through tank walls
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#tech talks
Tech talks are a discussion about technology-related topics to educate an audience about a ceratin topic or latest developments
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#type 4 tanks
Type 4 tanks are composite tanks used for hydrogen storage and transportation
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#use cases
Use cases refers to the specific ways that a user might use a system or product to achieve a particular…
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#ventilation fan
Ventilation fan is a component used to provide adequate air circulation and cooling for the system to maintain the optimal…
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#video calls
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#water purification
Water purification refers to the process of purifying water to remove impurities and contaminants before it is used in the…
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#metal hydride compression
Metal hydride compression is a technology used for the compression and storage of hydrogen gas
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#hydrogen quality
Hydrogen quality refers to the presence of impurities in hydrogen which can affect functioning
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A manufacturer is a company or entity that produces goods or products for commercial use
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#gas vessel
Gas vessel, also known as a pressure vessel, is a container designed to hold gases under pressure
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#bipolar plate manufacturing
Bipolar plate manufacturing refers to the process of producing conductive plates for fuel cells to facilitate the flow of electrons…
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#cascade refueling system
In cascade refueling system, hydrogen gas is compressed and cooled in stages, to achieve a high-pressure and low-temperature state suitable…
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Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) uses numerical methods and techniques to analyse various fluid flow phenmenons
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Combined Heat and Power (CHP) system simultaneously generates electrical power through a fuel cell and thermal energy as waste heat
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Commercialization refers to the process of making a new product or method of production available on the market for financial…
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#diffusion bonding
Diffusion bonding is a solid-state welding technique for joining similar and dissimilar metals
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#energy storage
Energy storage refers to the process of capturing and storing energy for efficient use at a later stage
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#energy transition
Energy transition refers to the process of shifting from a fossil based system for energy production to renewable sources to…
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An engineer is a person who uses technology and innovation to address issues in the real world using scientific and…
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#fuel cell testing
Fuel cell testing is the process of evaluating the performance and durability of a fuel cell, to identify any potential…
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Funding is the act of providing money usually by the government or an organization for achieving a specific goal
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Heat is a form of energy that is transferred between objects or systems as a result of a difference in…
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Lubricant is a substance used to reduce friction and minimize wear and tear between two surfaces in contact with each…
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#heat exchanger
Heat exchanger facilitates transfer of heat between two fluids that are at different temperatures
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Hyfindr Tech Community (htc) is a platform where researchers, students and professionals can exchange knowledge and answer questions related to…
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#hydrogen detection
Hydrogen detection is the identification or measurement of the presence of hydrogen gas in a given environment.
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#hydrogen filling system
Hydrogen filling system is a set of equipment and components used to fill the trailer's storage tank with compressed hydrogen…
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#hydrogen sensors
Hydrogen sensors are devices designed to detect and measure the presence of hydrogen gas in a given area for safety…
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#hydrogen type
Hydrogen type refers to the different types of hydrogen available in the market depending on the process by which it…
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Hyfindr is a B2B marketplace for hydrogen components, systems and services
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#joule thomson effect
Joule thomson effect is the phenomenon where a gas undergoes a temperature change when it is forced through a throttling…
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#large scale storage
Large scale storage refers to the storage of large amounts of a particular resource, in industrial or commercial settings
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#liquid hydrogen
Liquid hydrogen is a colorless, odorless, and highly flammable liquid that is stored and transported at very low temperatures
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Youtube is a video-sharing platform that allows users to upload, share, and view videos
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