Posted by Anurag Jain on June 24, 2023 at 03:49

    We have a requirement for the fuel cell ,kindly guide us to the company who can provide us the specified fuel cell


    The Fuel system should meet at least the following specifications and requirements:

    1. Fuel Cell Technology should be PEM (Proton Exchange Membrane) type.
    2. Design life (minimum) should be 3 years considering ~3000 operational hours per


    3. Power output should be 25 kW plus auxiliary load, With net AC power output of

      25kW at Three Phase AC, 415Volt. Fuel Cell System Output should be a minimum 200kWhr net at Three Phase AC, 415Volt, 50 Hz output using 14 kg of hydrogen in 8 hours.

    4. Net Effective Electrical Efficiency (Measured on the AC output) of the complete fuel cell system including all the auxiliary load should be >=45% (on LHV). Adequate Temperature and Altitude compensation should be considered in the designing process at [minus (-) 25 degree Celsius to plus (+) 35 degree Celsius and Operational Altitude of 3500m MSL]
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  • Francois-Eudes RUCHON

    July 20, 2023 at 13:03

    This is a typical power range. There are many suppliers available: Ballard, ProtonMotor, Nedstack to name a few.

    • Jerryn Joy

      July 24, 2023 at 07:45

      Right, and you can find and contact all of these suppliers through our Hyfindr platform easily.

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