• Hydrogen Tube Trailer Filling Systems

    Posted by Ian McQ on May 2, 2023 at 11:18


    I am looking to purify a waste stream of hydrogen for export via tube trailers or chassis mounted MEGCs.

    The purified hydrogen will be continuously supplied and the tanker logistics managed to keep up with the demand.

    I believe we can manage with 3 tankers being filled simultaneously and having 10 bays to manage tanker movements.

    The hydrogen will be compressed to 500 bara using a master compressor and manifold or multiple modular filling compressors for each of the 10 bays.

    There is a perception on site that we can achieve this without requiring hydrogen buffer storage, but I am struggling to see how we can maintain consistent filling rates to each trailer.

    If one trailer is 75% full say, how are consistent the filling rates and pressures maintained if another trailer starts its filling process. How can we avoid preferential flow to the lower pressure empty trailer, thus slowing the fill time for the nearly full trailer?

    If someone could share some knowledge please it would be appreciated.

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