Welcome! Let’s grow the hydrogen economy together. Let’s grow the hydrogen community! Questions & Answers Hello, which type of Fuel Cells (PEM/Solid Oxide) is being used for flight?

  • Jerryn Joy

    October 4, 2022 at 13:33

    Hello Hriday,

    Yes, hydrogen powered aircrafts are exciting and can replace electric aircrafts due to their energy density especially for long travel. Even though hydrogen has been used by NASA for years, commercial use of hydrogen for passenger aircrafts is still a challenge.

    Most of the companies currently use PEM fuel cell due to lightweight and lower operating temperatures but solid oxide fuell cell is also promising due to its efficiency during long travel but its weight is more. So it also actually depends on the application. However, currently extensive research is going on and everyone are experimenting.

    Apart from that, many factors such as:

    -Hydrogen storage (liquid or gas) on the aircraft

    -Production of large volumes of green hydrogen as per the demand (for zero emissions aircraft)

    -Thermal management of fuel cell at high altitudes

    -Safety of hydrogen fuel tank flammability

    -Infrastructre for hydrogen refuelling etc.

    also hinder commercialization. But startups such as H2Fly, Hypoint are making tremendous advancements and have already launched their aircrafts.

  • Ajay Upadhaya

    October 11, 2022 at 21:09

    Joy you have made very good points to Hriday question. When do you think Hydrogen commercial flights would be in market? Although Airbus target to have numbers of Hydrogen passengers flight by 2035, don’t you think there is more push required to have more Hydrogen flight sooner with higher investment, good policy, government incentives, and ofcourse heavy funding in research availability, considering the urgency of decarbonising the air industry and also for the fact that there is no other fruitful Alternatives compared to Hydrogen as a Fuel?

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