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    Posted by Joao Barros on November 29, 2023 at 13:56

    Interested in gauging some opinions on the current development state of H2 detection sensors.
    I have recently spend a fair amount of time searching the market for H2 sensors that can offer fast detection times in the LEL range. There are various products designed mainly for large outdoor plants – these tend to be larger units with “slower” detection times.

    The offer for application in smaller enclosures or in ventilation ducts, with faster detection times (3 seconds or faster), reasonable accuracy, ATEX rated or meeting IEC standards, etc.. seems small to non-existent. Or am I missing something?

    The only industry that seems to have something down these lines is automotive but invariably the sensors are “short” on the certification standards they meet, the form factors on offer are limited, etc.

    Understand that an H2 leak detection system should not be entirely reliable on direct H2 sensing but where this need is unavoidable (as part of a wider system) it does look like we are at a stage where the offer is still not there.

    Is anyone aware of any manufacturers that have potentially suitable offers available?

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