Purpose, Commitments and Rules

Get help and help others. Let us grow the hydrogen economy together!

Community Purpose

We are driven to solve technical challenges. We take pride in answering technical questions of other members. We are driven to help the hydrogen economy grow better and faster.

Commitments as a Member

Supporting – I help other community members freely and do not expect a return.

Sharing – I am willing to share my knowledge.

No spamming – I do not spam others.

No marketing – I do not aim to use the community for marketing of my products or services.

Respectful – I only contact members outside the community after they have agreed to it.

Being kind – I am polite and not aggressive even if I disagree with the views of others.


I understand that the moderators will monitor my compliance with these commitments and do have the right to take measures, e.g. such as reminding me about my commitments or blocking me from using the community in case of violations.

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