Let’s build a great Tech Community for the Hydrogen Economy together

Hyfindr Tech Community

Dear members of the Hyfindr Tech Community!

The hydrogen economy is in the making and many technical solutions have to be built. All over the globe, engineers are looking for the best solutions to going green with hydrogen. There is no playbook for building a new economy.

We believe a tech community is an important tool to efficiently connect professionals. Ask your question and community members will help you. Share you knowledge and you can be sure that others will help you when it is needed most.

Many problems have already been solve. It is important that we work together to tackle the new challenges and share available knowledge to scale up fast.

A warm welcome to the Hyfindr Tech Community. Do the following:

  1. Complete your profile, indicate your interests and document how you can help others.
  2. Ask questions you may have or you would welcome to have a view on.
  3. Try to at least answer one question of another person. Share you know-how!
  4. Contribute in the innovation forum your ideas how the Hyfindr Tech Community can be improved!

And moreover, be kind to all other members!

Kind regards


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