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Hyfindr Tech Community - Hydrogen Fuel Cell


The above principles unit us. Hyfindr developed the Hyfindr Tech Community (HTC) because we believe that the global hydrogen economy is missing a place to meet, to bond and to belong for those who by into the above principles.

Clarifying very basic technical questions is hard, in particular for young professional.

  • Search Engines are not targeted enough. Searching the internet with search engines will not necessary help you as you will find thousands of search results to browse through.
  • LinkedIn or XING are too focussed on business development and marketing. While some groups add value over the years these networks have turned into a newsfeed. High quality content that is unique and solving technical problems is very rare.

A thriving community of members with the right mindset is a powerful tool

  • Q&A Format. We have designed the HTC to focus on submitting questions and receiving answer. We do not want to do everything. We want to answer questions members may help. Make sure that you answer specific questions and when replying to such answer to to help the member with a high quality answer.
  • Community Intelligence. Nobody knows everything. But – all know everything. With growing numbers of members there is a higher likelihood that somebody in the community has the right expertise to answer the one questions.

Member feedback matters to us!

  • The HTC is made to serve and efficiently help its members. It is therefore of utmost importance that we listen and are guided by its members when discussing necessary innovations.
  • Please use the feedback form to give us your feedback!
  • Or engage in the innovation forum.

Help and Support – we are here to serve you!

Send Adi a personal message in the community. Adi is our community moderator and a fast and inspired member of the Hyfindr team. Please see the profile of Aaradhya Nagar

You can also address me. I am inspired because I believe that the Hyfindr Tech Community has a chance to be very impactful and that it help the hydrogen economy grow better and faster. See profile of Björn Lüssow.

Commitments of Members

It will only work if all members share and buy into the same principle when acting. We suggest to the community that each member commits as follows:

  • Supporting – I help other community members freely and do not expect a return.
  • Sharing – I am willing to share my knowledge.
  • No spamming – I do not spam others.
  • No marketing – I do not aim to use the community for marketing of my products or services.
  • Respectful – I only contact members outside the community after they have agreed to it.
  • Being kind – I am polite and not aggressive even if I disagree with the views of others.

We will review these principles with the members to make sure that they always are backed by the members of the members.

Invite others you trust to the Hyfindr Tech Community

We will plan to grow the community together with our members. As a member of the community you have the option to invite others to the community. We kindly ask you to be mindful with this option.

  • Only invite kind people who you trust.
  • Focus on inviting others that can bring value to the community.
  • Invite others that in your view will buy into the member commitments.
  • Do not invite people you do not know.

In this phase focus on inviting other professionals who are willing to test the beta version. We want to collect feedback from beta testers, improve the community and then launch the Hyfindr Tech Community officially. You can reserve inviting lots of your personal contacts to the point in time after we have officially launch the community. This is planned in September 2022.

You can find the option to invite others in your account (see picture)

Last but not least – enjoy the ride

We hope you like the community. We highly appreciate your engagement. Please help other members and us to be better every day and grow the community together with us! We appreciate your engagement and any constructive comment you may have.

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